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Finding Your Passions & Telling Your Story

High School Graduation Student Thinking

Every student I work with is unique, and we work together to identify and tell your personal story. While I have a standard process, my approach with each student is tailored to fit him or her.

Grades and test scores are certainly important in the college admissions process, but they are not the only considerations. This time is also about students following their passions and interests and ensuring all these elements are explored and leveraged in the college admissions journey.

When students know their story, they can articulate their passions, experiences, uniqueness and strengths confidently to admissions officers. In fact, that confidence will stay with them long after the admissions process is over!

Achieving Greatness Together

Start with Your Story offers a comprehensive line of counseling packages and hourly arrangements to meet your needs. Consultations can be in person, via Zoom, email or phone. I customize my coaching process depending on my student’s specific needs; however, my general consulting process consists of three broad steps. All three steps are described below:


I begin working with students as early as ninth grade. Unfortunately, many students will wait to begin the process until the last minute and that is when stress and frustration can occur. By beginning earlier, I can assist you during this time of self-discovery. Services include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Review academic accomplishments and rigor of coursework based on college admissions goals
  • Advise on curriculum planning and assesses academic strengths
  • Identify extracurricular and community service activities that will help the student develop his or her interests
  • Testing recommendations (SAT or ACT, SAT Subject Tests, when to schedule, is test prep necessary, etc.)
  • Resume creation and assistance
  • Administer assessments to help identify best learning environment, as well as potential college major and career exploration
Exploring college options

Explore and Match

With so many college options and the college landscape becoming more complex, I help students identify schools where they will prosper and share criteria that admissions officers use in evaluating students. Much of this work is done in the student’s junior year, resulting in a list of “Reach”, “Match” and “Likely” colleges. Services include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Assess academic strengths, interests and desires and how this fits with college options
  • Identify desired college attributes by exploring academic and social fit
  • In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent
  • Preparation of a selected list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student
  • Guidance on affordability that includes identifying schools where your student may have an increased probability of aid
  • Guidance on financial aid timing and overall process
  • Suggesting and preparing for productive college visits
Applying for college online


Students and families can find the college application process exciting, but also overwhelming and stressful. I am committed to giving you the strategies and guidance to thrive through the process. I will help you navigate the entire application process through:

  • Developing a timeline and a personalized strategy to manage application details from start to finish
  • Essay prompt coaching and brainstorming to assist each student with articulating his or her own unique story
  • Submission management by guiding each student through the entire application process
  • Consulting on financial aid process and timeline development
  • Exploring private college opportunities that may be as affordable as public schools, yet provide a better educational fit
  • Assisting in resume creation or updating
  • Determining interview strategy and conducting a mock interview in preparation for alumni and on-campus interview
  • Evaluating and comparing college acceptances

To facilitate research and help you manage the logistical part of the college admissions process, start with Your Story provides you with access to your own personalized portal that:

  • Manages the college list and helps the student set and track all deadlines
  • Maintains all vital information in one place, so the student stays organized and has access to what he or she needs when he or she needs it
  • Makes available in-depth college information, including application requirements and deadlines

Packages and Fees

I offer all new clients a free 30-minute consultation. If a family is interested in working with me, all services are available on an hourly basis, in pre-paid four-hour blocks or grade-level packages.

The following grade level packages provide professional guidance and tools to help families tackle the college exploration, selection and application process with confidence and ease. The process is very personalized and I am committed to working with you to develop a strategic and individualized plan that fits your needs and maximizes your opportunity for admission. All packages include unlimited coaching, phone calls, meetings and emails throughout the year. Parents and students can contact me as often as needed.

9th Grade Counseling

  • Develop four-year academic plan
  • Discuss extracurriculars
  • Begin resume development
  • Quarterly meetings at minimum

10th Grade Counseling

  • Continued academic planning
  • Test prep planning & timeline
  • Update resume
  • Complete assessment profile
  • Quarterly meetings at minimum

11th Grade Counseling

  • Continued academic coaching
  • College search process
  • Finalized testing plan
  • Clarify student & parent goals
  • Continued meetings

12th Grade Counseling

  • Finalizing college search
  • Timeline/strategy for application process
  • Essay prompt & coaching
  • Financial aid consulting
  • College comparison and enrollment

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